Raleigh is 6...Months. Baby 6 month Fall photo session - Madison area family photographer

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Little Raleigh is already six months old!  It’s crazy how time flies. We see it from the perspective of parents and photographers, we see how fast our own little ones grow as well as how fast our clients children grow. It seems like just yesterday we were in Raleigh’s nursery shooting his newborn session. However now we needed a shoot that screamed sophistication, that said “look at me, I’m 6 months old!” What better then a fall session at the Arboretum?! Vintage chairs, check. Sock monkey hat, check. Smiling 6 month old…check! Even though we had missed ‘peak’ color, we were still able to squeeze just enough ‘Fall’ out of the remaining leaves to add that little something extra to their session.  We took full advantage of Raleigh’s newly honed skills of ‘sitting up’ and ‘standing up’ to things. After editing Raleigh’s session, I said to Derrick, “Raleigh’s images make my heart melt, I can’t imagine being his Mom and having to pick out my favorites!” Love these shots of adorable little Raleigh. ? Can’t wait for his 1 year session!  To view a slide show of all of Raleigh’s session visit us on Facebook (remember to ‘like’ us while you’re there.)

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