Cake Smash Photo Shoot

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Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Cake Smash photography sessions are a fun way to celebrate a babies one year birthday.  Little Jacob came into our studio in Middleton, WI ready to rock his session.  We’ve been fortunate to work with his Mom and Dad since their engagement session.

Generally with a cake smash session we start with some nice pictures of baby on his/her own as well as family photos.  Then things get messy.  It doesn’t take.a large cake for a successful smash.  Generally a 6-8 inch cake will suffice.  And the more frosting the better as the cake will smash better the softer it is.

Every child’s reaction to a cake smash photography sessions are  so different.  Some dig right in and make an epic mess.  Some take one bite and or smear a little here and there and that’s it.  Others are down right terrified of the whole process.  The sticky smeary sensation is just too much for them and tears come on quickly.  Jacob was somewhere between epic mess and smearing a little here and there.  He enjoyed himself just enough for us to get some great photos, but didn’t make the sort of mess that takes an hour to recover from.

We can photograph your little one outdoors or in our Middleton, WI studio for their cake smash photo shoot.  We can keep the backdrop simple.  Or we can customize it and make it more fun with banners, balloons and props.   This is definitely something that we’d want to discuss ahead of time though so that we can plan on what is needed for the shoot.  We have many items, however parents will commonly bring some decor and pick up the balloons and cake.

Here are some of our favorite photos from little Jacob’s one year birthday photo session.  We wish him many more!