Maternity and Family Portrait Photographer

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Maternity and Family Portrait Photographer

Being a Maternity and Family Portrait Photographer means experiencing and documenting the excitement in people as their family is about to add another member.  We have been fortunate to have photographed the Van Vlack Family since their engagement photos.  So it’s extra special for us to continue to have the opportunity to document them.

Maternity photos are an interesting time.  Your family is literally growing before your eyes, but things have yet to really change in the world around you.  The anticipation of meeting and preparing for babies arrival is exciting stuff.  It’s even more exciting when their is an older sibling involved.  Even furry ones.  Often it’s also a time when you realize that your first baby is growing up!  Being a Big Brother or Sister is exciting stuff.  We know first hand by experiencing our own family grow.

We photographed this wonderful family at Festge County Park outside of Cross Plains, WI.  It is one of our favorite spots to photograph in Dane County.  It’s a great mix of oak Savanah, prairie grass, and has a beautiful overlook that often has amazing sunsets.

We look forward to opportunity of creating their newborn photos in the not too distant future.  For now though we relish in being their Maternity and Family Portrait Photographer.  Typically we recommend doing maternity session around 30-32 weeks.  You want to be showing just enough, but still comfortable enough to be photographed.  Often we will incorporate props from the would be nursery.  Otherwise clothing items, stuffed animals or ultrasound photos can work well.

If you are interested in having maternity photos taken contact us today.  We can do a complimentary phone or e-mail consultation to help figure out where and when we should do your session.