Kohen's turning One, birthday shoot - Middleton, Wisconsin children's photographer

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Today, we were able to take a break from editing and squeeze in Kohen’s shoot for his 1st birthday.  Although the party is still a few weeks off, we seriously need to get the invites out and it seems to only be getting colder by the day, meaning diaper wearing weather is slowly slipping away (Babies Best Bottoms, by the way).  The first 5 locations we attempted to shoot at didn’t work for us due to lighting or wind and with older brother and birthday boy getting crabby in the back seat, I was just about to pull the plug on the idea of shooting for the day when April said “what would we do if it was a real shoot?’ (referring to if it was for a client and not us).  Obviously we would find a way to make it work if possible, and just then right on cue we happened upon the perfect spot.  No wind, warm, cool backdrop, and a perfect cloud just about to move into position to diffuse the light.  Kohen did an amazing job, unlike his older brother who took one lick of his cake in the the same scenario and proceeded to throw a huge fit acting like we were out of our mind to be setting so much sugar in front of such a small child.  Now that Koeplin can talk and we can understand more of what goes through his head, it probably had more to do with the fact that is was messy and felt weird (the cake).  Kohen however was a champ and would of sat there playing and occasionally eating frosting off of the cake all day long.  He was also more than willing to share, and his brother took him up on it more than once.  We got ‘the shot’ that will characterize our little one’s 1st birthday.  We’re excited to share it with you, but want to make sure the cards are out and received by family before doing so.  In the meantime here’s a teaser of all the fun we had.  – Derrick