Haylee Jo-7 years old (Childrens Photographer Madison, WI)

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Oh my, there is this huge, staggering pile of images on my desk that need blogged about. Sessions and sessions that have yet to hit the blog. The pile of images is sooo tall that it nearly reaches the 9 foot ceiling in my office, alright so it’s an imaginary pile. (right next to the sessions I need to edit, and the books I need to lay out) but it is a real pile in my hard drive. We have just been so busy shooting lately that we don’t always have time to blog our images right away, though we are trying!:) I was looking through these images, and decided todays post would be a mini session Derrick did with Haylee Jo. Haylee came along to get some shots at her little cousin Cole’s 1 year session, as these two are the only grandkids on that side of the family. During the session Derrick took some time out to capture a few images of Haylee on her own as well. How adorable is she!!! So grown up at 7! Cole’s messy, but yummy 1 year session to come soon!!!! Happy Friday! April