Bobby & Jenni are Married! (Wedding Photography Madison, WI)

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Wedding days are so full of love and happiness that I just want to soak it all in, I try to remember the readings, try and remember how I felt as I walked towards Derrick on our wedding day. Yes, maybe I live vicariously through our brides as I photograph their weddings, because I do truly LOVE weddings! I love the ceremony messages, they always make me appreciate my marriage, always refresh me and make me want to make D & I’s relationship even stronger, and on the days I am not shooting with Derrick they make me miss him.  On Saturday Derrick and I got to document  Bobby & Jenni’s Wedding at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI and their union was no exception to the above, a total celebration of their love for one another.

Jenni & Bobby are both easy going and it showed as nothing seemed to shake them from enjoying the events happening around them, including their limo bus breaking down during our ‘portrait’ time at the Capitol.

Bobby is a local musician, who used to play sax with the Blue Olives, (a fabulous blues, funk and rock band)and runs sound for the famous Piano Fondue, which is how we actually originally met him while shooting Mike & Jess’s wedding last May at the Bergamont.  Needless to say there were many others who were musically minded in attendance on Saturday, and the Blue Olives filled the Concourse with music at the reception.  Live music can be so powerful, Bobby even took the stage for a Sax solo during Jenni’s dance with her father.

Jenni & Bobby saw one another for the first time prior to the ceremony allowing time for photos prior to the ceremony rather then in between.  Jenni is a champ of a bride as she even allowed for orange and blue (Chicago Bears Colors) to find their way into the flowers and decor.  We were honored to be part of such a great day and wanted to share a blog preview of some of the many images we look forward to presenting Jenni & Bobby with.  Congratulations again you guys!  – Derrick & April