Baby Greer - Newborn baby photography Fitchburg WI

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Meet baby Greer! All brand new, just a week old! Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE newborn sessions? I adore babies! For all those parents out there, you know how wonderful the world is in those first weeks home with your new little one. So euphoric!

Sure, there are the late night feedings… every hour, the loss of precious sleep too the point of deliriousness, diaper changes…16 times a day,  but life is so good with a brand new baby! You see the world again as a new beginning, a fresh start…a new chapter in your life.

The first weeks home with my babies nothing else mattered besides being with them and bonding! I didn’t care who was stopping at our house and seeing our home as a disaster, didn’t care if I hadn’t brushed my hair in two days, all I cared about was staring at my little guys! They grow sooo fast, too fast! This is all part of the reason we feel so  honored to document little ones while they are still so small.  Greer’s family is no exception. You may remember them from a recent post from only a month ago, pre-Greer, when we shot a maternity, family, toddler session with Greer’s parents and big sister Isabel. Again we had so much fun with their session, these guys are wonderful! Greer’s Mom & Dad are already pros, and had lots of great and creative ideas for Greer’s newborn photography session! Isabel is also a big help, this was probably the first time I did a session with a 2 year old working as an assistant and holding our reflector for us!

Thanks guys! We are so touched that you chose us to capture this time! Hope your first weeks home are brilliant! -April