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Financial Advisor Team Photo sessions are something that we have been doing regularly for Sky’s Edge Wealth.  They have  an ever changing and often growing group of professional wealth advisor in their Middleton Office.  So they need to update the photo regularly. And we love helping out.

The go to location has been the always beautiful Pope Farm Conservancy.  It is located on the western outskirts of Middleton on Old Sauk Rd.  The stacked rock wall in-between the field has become the iconic landmark there.  However the park is probably best known for it’s Sunflower Days.  The park went viral a few years back when pictures became circulating of their large fields of blooming sunflowers.  The event grew to draw thousands and thousands of people.  This turns the usually quiet park into a literal parking lot and crowd of people for the 1-2 weeks the flowers are in bloom each summer.

We have a couple of standard business profile and headshot packages online, but we can always customize a quote and package to fit your specific project.  We include a complimentary phone or e-mail consult with every session.  This makes certain that we create just the right image to fit your needs.  Professional photography is an integral part to making sure that your online and marketing presence matches the perceived quality of your services.  Don’t let your potential clients and employers see a cell phone photo of you or your team.  Start the impression off strong with quality photography.

We’re fortunate to continue to work with Sky’s Edge Wealth.  They are an amazing team of wealth advisors here in Madison, WI.   As their team continues to evolve, we are glad to continually update their Financial Advisor Team Photo for them.


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