Schwenn Family Portraits - Middleton, WI Family Portraits

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Life seems to fly by at times, leaving us wondering where it went. I try and slow down and appreciate the little things, or at least try and remind myself to do so. As I am about to lay Kohen in his crib at night, I think to myself, “in another year he will be too big to rock…rock him a little while longer…enjoy this.”  What sorts of memories do you find yourself holding on to? Maybe I am partial, half because I am so nostalgic and half because I am a photographer. But I feel so blessed to be able to share our passion for photography with others, allowing them to look back at those fleeting moments. I truly feel that having portraits done at least yearly by a professional, custom studio so important. (even if its not Creative Look) While there are ton’s of ‘quicky,’ or ‘fast food’ photo places (I don’t even dare call them studios) out there that will throw up a backdrop and have a college student with no photographical or professional experience have your children “say cheese,” this is in no way capturing the true essence of your family. It’s not truly capturing the way you smile at one another, the way your husband holds your hand as you walk, or the way your one year old dances when sung to. A custom photographer will spend time with your family (generally in your home or on location) capturing those ‘moments’ and not just the way your children or you looked at a certain time.

When Mindy contacted us to do a family photography session this fall we were so excited. We love shooting families, and were so excited to meet Mindy, Troy and their three girls. Having grown up with a little brother (who I of course love dearly) I always secretly wished I had had a sister to share clothes and secrets with. I can’t imagine all the fun these sisters must have together, and all the fun they are going to have growing up together. Derrick and I had a great time walking around downtown Middleton chatting with the Schwenn’s and taking their family portraits, can’t wait to work with them again! Here are just a few shots from their session! Stay tuned to the blog, up tomorrow is the fabulous wedding of Alexis & Ben! Can’t wait to share it! -April