Alexis + Ben are Married! Madison, WI Wedding Photography Press House

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Back to playing summer blog catch up! Next up…Alexis & Ben!

Alexis & I went to neighboring high schools, and our paths crossed from time to time at sport functions and parties. But I never would have guessed that they would have crossed nearly 10 years later and that I would be shooting her wedding. I love, love, loved shooting this wedding! There were so many fun details to document from the little lemonade lounge Alexis & Ben had set up at the Press House prior to their ceremony to all the decor and flowers at the ceremony, and then at The Legend at Bergamont. I adored Alexis’s dress and not one but two awesome veils. I especially loved her bird cage veil. And of course I can never get enough of fun shoes! Why didn’t I think to wear pink shoes on my wedding day? And besides all the fun details there was of course the very best thing…Alexis & Ben! These two are so great and so fun to work with. Alexis seems to always make Ben smile; whether she is holding his hand or she is clear across the room from him she seems to light up Ben’s face! And I love how Ben walks with his arm around her, so endearing! I wish these two the very best and hope they are forever as happy as they were on their wedding day! Stay tuned for the next summer blog installment hitting the blog soon! April-