The Oaks Golf Course Wedding Film

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The Oaks Golf Course Wedding Film

The Oaks Golf Course Wedding of Caitlin & Saul was so much fun for us to document.  They were married on probably the hottest day of the year at the the Oaks in Cottage Grove, WI.   However, all of their family and friends toughed it out and took part in not only their outdoor ceremony, but their outdoor reception as well.

We shot photography and video of them on the grounds. You can see their photography here.   Therefore making use of the beautiful scenery found on the golf course.  Such as an amazing section of towering hops vines where they did their first look.  Also there is a cute little bridge on the course itself.  And then there are some vantage points were you can get a little higher view of the amazing surround.

We had fun setting up a lot of time-lapse photography shots through out their day.  These can work really well as transition pieces in a wedding film.  The important part is find a location where some action will take place within the canera’s field of view for an extended period of time.  Sometimes this is just skies, other times it is people moving in and out of the scene busy helping them celebrate.

Guests were serenaded by an amazing Mariachi Band.  It was fun to see such an authentic and entertaining performance.  We aren’t often treated to Mariachi in Wisconsin.   All of the guests were treated to a wonderful dinner surrounded by good family and friends. We shared some of their Wedding Photography earlier, now here is their Wedding Film.