Welcome "baby June" (Middleton, WI Newborn Photographer)

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Newborn sessions are one of our favorites. How can you not enjoy photographing a brand new baby! They are so little and sweet, each time a new mama comes into the studio with her baby I am aw struck! Such perfection! its hard for me to believe that in 3 months we will have a brand new baby to welcome into our home. We photographed June’s newborn session in our studio in Middleton, and did some more natural family photographs at park nearby in Middleton. Newborn sessions are generally best shot during babies first few days of life, while they still are in that sleepy stage, and while they are still all limber and will let us curl them up in all the cute little poses. We didn’t get to work with Miss June and her parents until she was about a month old, but were still able to get some great newborn shots. Here are a few from June’s session.