Schmitt Technical Services - Commercial Photography Shoot Cross Plains WI

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It’s a good thing to switch it up once in a while.  We find ourselves most often shooting people and relationships they have with one another, so it’s a good change of pace when when get to hop the fence into the world of commercial photography from time to time and shoot people at work as well as inanimate objects. We had the privilege recently of shooting photos for Schmitt Technical Services in Cross Plains, WI.  They do a variety of work, but mostly focus on testing concrete.  They test for strength, weakness, age, and do a variety of CSI-esque work to diagnose any issues that may be being experienced.  They are one of the leaders in their field not only in Wisconsin, but in the entire United States.  They do work for home owners, builders, developers, The government (missile silos), and even famous musicians whom I’m sworn to secrecy not to reveal, but I did get to see a chunk of his or her pool.  Now that was exciting!  They are also a very dog friendly working environment and  have several 4 legged honorary employees roaming their lab which I think help keep things a bit on the light side.  We presented them with over 300 proofs, however here are a just a few of our favorites from their commercial photography shoot.  – Derrick