Professional Headshot for Michael Pleimling

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Professional Headshot photography is something we love to do.  So we were thrilled when Micheal came to our Studio in Middleton, WI to create his brand new professional headshot.

Getting a business profile photo is an important step in creating, updating, and maintaining your business’s image.  And we were happy to help him create it.  A new Headshot Photo can be used in multiple places such as social media, LinkedIn, your resume, for press releases, print media, billboards, signs, and of course on your profile page on your website.  We recommend updating your headshot every 1-2 years or more often if your appearance or job type changes.

Allow your customers to have a correct mental picture of who they are communicating and working with and avoid surprises when you meet and they’ve only seen an outdated photo of you online.  Michael ended up choosing a photo shot with a contemporary white background.  White is very clean, crisp and fresh feeling as a background.  It complimented his outfit well and really allowed his photo to shine.

We have a studio located in Middleton, WI that works really great for creating a professional headshot like this.  However if the look you are in search of involves a different sort of background we are more than happy to photograph you on location.  We include a complimentary phone or e-mail consultation where we can help you figure out and decide what sort of location would suit your needs best.  If it’s a green space or nature that your in search of, the Madison area is fantastic for that.  If you’d like more of an architectural or urban look well there is also no shortage of urban landscapes to utilize.  We have no shortage of ideas and locations that we’ve shot at in the past to offer as suggestions.

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