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If you have kids and haven’t been to the Madison Children’s Museum, you’re missing out.  We’ve been to a few different children’s museum’s around the state and country and just love what has been done with Madison’s.  The multiple floors of fun and learning are enough to keep any child of any age engaged and busy for as long as Mom and or Dad are willing to stay at the museum with them.  The dedication to keeping the museum as green and eco friendly as possible is inspiring and, even though all of the current exhibits and displays are fantastic, you can see the potential of what’s still to come and how the museum will continue to grow.  As photographers we can’t help but see great backdrops for sessions around every corner with all of the interesting textures, colors and exhibits.

On a side note we’ve heard a few people already discuss having their wedding ceremony’s on the roof top, which has a beautiful view.  So maybe we’ll be shooting more than children there in the future, though you’d have to be planning a pretty intimate ceremony as there’s not a lot of room for seating.

On our first visit we were there about 5 minutes (4 or which was spent changing a diaper) before we had already decided to upgrade our day/visitor pass to a full family membership.  So we obviously feel it’s a fantastic option to have when deciding how to spend time with your family.  So if you haven’t checked it out, definitely make a trip! – Derrick & April

Kohen Made a lot of new friends at the museum.Koeplin honed his spidy skills making his mom a little uneasy.

Kohen learned to unspell his name

The rooftop and view…