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Kayla & Joe – a surprise proposal & engagement session

It’s not often I get to go undercover on the job, but when Joe contacted us wanting to have his proposal to his long time girlfriend documented I jumped, or in this case jogged, at the opportunity.  Joe had planned out an elaborate scavenger hunt for Kayla, ending with him in one of their favorite spots in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy near their apartment.  I showed up early to document Joe placing the clues, then we proceeded to the stakeout portion of the operation.  We hid in the parking lot in my car waiting for her to arrive home from work.  Once we knew she was inside and the series of events Joe had planned were in motion we headed over to the conservancy to await her arrival.  It’s at this point that I needed to go deep, and assume my role as a Jogger on the Pheasant Branch trail.  With Running being one of my main passions, this wasn’t that hard of a role for me to fall into.  I do wish that I would of had a fake mustache though, this would of completed the slightly goofy Jogger with a camera outfit perfectly.  When Kayla made her way down the path I was able to follow her to Joe, where he greeting her with signs constructed out of movie tickets to films they had seen together.  Before long he was down on one knee, she was saying yes and the rest of now history.  Kayla Gracefully agreed to the surprise engagement session and we made the most of the waining light on the trail.  Here are some of the photos leading up to the proposal and a couple of our favorites from their portraits.  Congratulations guys and it was a pleasure being there to experience this amazing moment.



Joe_Kayla_proposal_0001 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0002 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0005 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0007 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0008 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0009 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0010 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0011 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0013 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0015 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0016 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0017 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0022 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0024 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0030 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0036 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0037 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0038 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0040 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0043 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0045 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0046 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0051 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0053 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0054 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0055 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0056 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0059 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0060 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0062 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0064 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0065 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0067 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0070 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0073 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0075 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0077 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0078 Joe_Kayla_proposal_0080

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