Freise Family Maternity, 2 year old, and family session - Family Photographer Madison, WI

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We had a great time shooting the Freise Family last week. This shoot was not only their family session, but ready for it, a maternity session and Isabelle’s 2 year session. I love shooting pregnant mommies, love the growing baby inside and love the way they glow! Hillary is a beautiful pregnant Mommy with short of 2 weeks to go in her pregnancy. And then their was Miss 2 year old Isabelle and “Puppy Simon.” Puppy Simon ended up in a few shots as well, as little Isabelle takes him everywhere. Isabelle also loved our vintage, green rocking chair and insisted in be in several of her shots as well. You have to love the new found independence that 2 year olds have, definitely a little personality of their own! There may have also been a few bribes involved to get Isabelle to do such a great job. (like yummy butterfly gummies!) And of course I can’t leave Kevin out, Kevin rocked it too, and was so helpful getting Isabelle to smile. Hanging out with the Freise family really made me think back to Derrick, Koeplin and I last fall. Koeplin was 2 and we were awaiting the addition of Kohen. Hard to believe its been nearly a year!
Hillary, Kevin and Isabelle-Thanks so much for choosing us to capture this time in your lives when you are a family of 3, next time we see you, you will be a family of 4! We can’t wait to meet your new bundle of joy, and capture him/her when they are brand new!

The infamous “Puppy Simon!”