Double Take! (Twin Toddler Photos Middleton, WI)

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I think we all dream about having a twin when we’re growing up. Preferably an identical one that we can switch places with and collaborate with to pull one over on others. And before we personally had kids of our own we again thought having twins would be so great, like a BOGO, 2 for 1. After having children, it’s obvious that it’d be more like a 2 for 3, as the responsibility would be compounded, especially when they’re so little. We got to experience a little of this, second hand, when we had the opportunity to shoot Reagan and Ranger’s 1 year old photo session at our gallery in downtown Middleton. Though Reagan and Ranger will most likely not be switching places with one another in the future, it’s still nice to think about how much they will share (at least figuratively) together growing up. Reagan & Ranger weren’t exactly in the best of moods as happens with 12 month olds, but we were still able to get some great shots of these two adorable twins, we are looking forward to photographing them later in the summer at their house with their parents and big brother. Here are some of our favorites from their session that we wanted to share.

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