Claira's Birth Story (Birth Photography, WI)

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You could see her tense up, and a sweat bead drip down her face, you could see that a contraction was nearing. Bracing herself she clenched his hand as she breathed through it, he stood strong as could be, he was her strength as he helped her breath through it. It was over and she could rest for a moment, until the next one…

Being a wedding photographer I get to document love between couples often, and being a portrait photographer I get to document the story of families and their love for one another. But earlier this week I was so blessed to document the most real thing I have ever had the opportunity to witness and photograph…the birth of little Claira, and what I feel is one of the most ultimate love stories I have ever witnessed. The love of a husband for his wife, as he is feeling so helpless through her pain, the love of a mother to endure such pain for a child she hasn’t yet met, but loves beyond words, and the great support system the nurses, midwives, and doula are to the parents to be. Through the 19+ hours that Kristy was in labor, I didn’t hear her complain once, she was focused and amazing. Being there watching her and Dan bring their daughter into the world made me so proud, proud to be a woman and see the strength we are given to endure child birth, and so proud to be a photographer with a gift to document something so raw and real. No posing was ever involved, no direction or guidance was given, just true documenting of the story of one woman’s strength to bring her child into the world as naturally as possible.

Thanks again to the nurses and midwives at Aspirus Hospital in Wausau for allowing me to document this, and to Kristy’s amazing Doula Kathy. (let me know if you would like her contact info)

Dan & Kristy, I feel so lucky to have been there when Claira was born I hope you will cherish her birth story forever! Relish these moments as new parents, they are some of the best! April

(Below is a slideshow of the abreviated birth story, make sure your sound is turned up, you can also click to make this full screen.)