Summit Credit Union Project Money Teen - Photography for business and corporate marketing

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We recently got to create some photographs for a fun business marketing project for Summit Credit Union.  Summit Credit Union has done a contest called Project Money in the past where families compete, however this time they have a version geared toward a younger competitor.  a handful of selected High School students from Madison Memorial and La Follette High Schools are competing for scholarship money by posting a series of 60-90 second videos that are intended to “motivate the entire community to take action and save, spend, and give. ”  Voting is open to everyone so go over to Summit Credit Unions site and watch the videos the kids have created and vote on your favorite.  Here is a direct link to the contest page  It was fun working with the kids on their ‘fashion shoot.’  We got to work the halls and common areas of their respective schools and got a lot of really fun images.  A few of them are on display in this screen shot Summit Credit Union’s page and there are others up in the branches.