Amy & Mark are Married - Lake Windsor WI Country Club Wedding Photography

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Amy & Mark’s wedding was the official kick off of the 2014 Wedding season for us, and what a great couple to get things started with.  Amy and Mark had both their ceremony and reception at the Lake Windsor Country Club in Lake Windsor, WI.  This is a familiar shooting ground for us, having probably worked there 40+ times over the years.  Most of these have been in the summer or fall though, so we had to take on the challenge of finding something pretty and or green to shoot with.  Fortunately there are plenty of options at Lake Windsor to work with, and once we had exhausted the ones with in walking distance, we didn’t have to twist the any buddies arm too much to jump on a golf cart and take a cruise around the course.  Bill the Wedding Guy helped plan and oversee that everything went off smoothly, Donna from Garden Laurels provided some tasteful color splashes with her table arrangement and bouquets, Juke Box Bandstand provided the music for the reception, GiGi’s the cup cakes, and Beyond the Booth kept the guests creating silly photos in their photo booth.   Amy and Mark had an intimate guest lists, and shared there day with many dear friends and close family.  The reception was highlighted by an excellent Best Man Speech by Mark’s Brother Eric, and Juke Box Bandstand kept the dance floor busy.  It was an excellent collection of vendors to work with, making Amy and Mark’s wedding a good time for all.  Congratulations again guys and thank you truly for letting us be part of it all.  Derrick + April

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