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who we are

Derrick & April

-We met in college and shared a passion for photography.
-We got engaged on Picnic Point.
-We dreamed up an idea for our business and made it a reality.
-We have 2 dogs; a Boxer and a shih-tzu
-We have been married 11 amazing years.
-We’re fortunate to have 3 healthy and rambunctious little boys
-We love going to concerts.
-We’ve been on our fair share of road trips.
-Our whole family is Plant Based.
-We both are foodies at heart.
-We'd rather be outside; hiking, biking, playing as a family.
-We are both night owls.
-We love our jobs!

April Look

-I live in a guys world with Derrick and our 3 little boys. They are my heart!
-I like things neat and organized (though this doesn’t always pair well with the above).
-I binge watch t.v.
-I LOVE red wine and Bloody Mary’s.
-I start my mornings with french press coffee.
-I HATE being late for things.
-I LOVE babies.
-I still cry at weddings even though I have photographed 100s
-I love the change of seasons, but don't like winter.
-Derrick's proposal was on a rolled up piece of paper in a film canister.
-I love dance parties in our living room and date nights with Derrick.
-I move our furniture around almost weekly!

Derrick Look

-I choose podcasts and radio over TV.
-I am a runner.
-I was a videographer before I was a photographer.
-I enjoy watching things grow; whether it's our kids or our garden.
-I like to be creative in the kitchen.
-I’m a life long Cubs fan.
-I control my type 1 Diabetes with diet and exercise.
-I volunteer my time to coach kids.
-Instead of coffee, I drink homemade concoctions with lots of ginger in them.
-In a former life I was a musician.
-I like beer, but would rather drink something brown mixed with ginger beer.
-I'm never surprised to come home and find our furniture rearranged!

our studio

Years ago when we first started out, we met with clients in our living room. While that worked out fine for the first few years, we always dreamt that we would one day have our own little space to meet with clients away from the hustle and bustle of home life. Over the last 8 years Creative Look Studios has had it’s own home. A place to meet with you, a place to project and share images with you, rather than just over a computer or tablet, and a studio space for us to be creative in. You may remember our cute little shop in downtown Middleton, though we loved that space we recently moved down the street to a new location in exchange for a spot that offers some things we were missing at the last location. Like parking for you! We would love to have you come into the studio, and get to know us a bit more.  We want to hear more about what you are planning, and how we may be able to document your story; whether its for a portrait session with your family or for your upcoming wedding. So let’s set up a time to chat and get to know each other more!


Our Studio is located at 3510 Parmenter St. Middleton, WI 53562.  We share a building with REA Engineering and our entrance can be found in the rear parking lot.